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As the end of 2016 draws close here at UKVending we thought it might be interesting to see what the world of coffee has in store for us in 2017.

The last few years has seen a rise globally of speciality coffee’s with an amazing array of flavours, roasts and beans mixed with exotic taste sensations and this is something we expect will continue throughout 2017.

In fact TASTE is the thing that is foremost in our predictions for the New Year. We have all been bombarded with television shows telling us about artisan baking, brewing and cooking…in fact anything that is authentic is good. In some ways this assault on our taste buds is a good thing because in 2017 we, collectively, are better equipped to distinguish between good quality products and inferior ones and this extends into coffees, teas and beverages. I bet everyone has had a coffee or tea presented to them at some point that with one sip was the bitterest taste ever; but increasingly that affront will become a thing of the past.

Premium brands are on the rise and inferior ones are falling faster than a proverbial stone. Industry giants such as Nestle have seen a significant rise in their premium and high class coffee and tea products and they expect this trend to continue well into the New Year.

Another benefit of all the television, radio, press and even tweets on tweeter and social media feeds is that people are finally coming round to the idea of freshness. I guess in the past we all had some old box of teabags or a small tin of coffee stashed away in the back of a cupboard ready for the uninvited or perhaps unwelcome guest. Today though it is all about freshness, something we at UKVending have been promoting for years now.

So what new innovations are we expecting to see in the UK Vending industry in 2017? Well a good place to look for clues is the United States. In the USA the current trend in coffee is for single origin espressos where drinkers can detect on the palate subtle differences between different blends as well as being able to trace the coffee beans back to the original source.

At UKVending we continue to bring you the very best coffees, teas and hot chocolate drinks from our range of superb vending machines and we intend to keep very much at the lending edge of the latest trends in 2017.

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