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Commercial Coffee Machines

Get ready to perk up your team and delight your customers with consistently delicious and aromatic quality coffee from our top-of-the-line commercial coffee machines!

Our incredible range of machines includes bean-to-cup, instant, Flavia , barista, Klix Drinks, Snack Vending, Water Coolers and much more. We only select the best coffee machines, approved by coffee experts, for our customers to purchase or lease and enjoy.
Plus, enjoy free delivery, installation, and training when you choose one of our machines. To make your coffee experience even smoother, we also offer maintenance, cleaning equipment, technical support, and consumables all in one place. Get ready to enjoy delicious coffee hassle-free!

For over half a century, UK Vending has been at the forefront of suppling range of commerical coffee vending machines. With such an experienced team of technicians, no other company can match the expertise and skill we offer.

Looking for the perfect cup of coffee to fuel your work day?

Our range of commercial bean to cup coffee machines dispenses high quality range of coffee drinks at touch of a button.

With capacities of up to 250 cups per day, we have the right machine to keep your workforce buzzing with energy.

Our commercial bean to cup coffee machines offers over 10 options freshly ground coffees, Hot Chocolate and hot water for making teas.

From car showrooms to busy office floors and top hospitality establishments, our machines offer freshly ground, quality coffee and espresso at the push of a button.

But it's not just about convenience - our machines also feature stylish interfaces, user-friendly designs, and an exciting range of specialty brews to suit every taste.

And with our sophisticated selection of leading coffee blends and accompanying consumables, you can enhance your office coffee experience like never before.

Whether you choose to buy, rent, or lease, our machines are available from as little as 9 pence per cup. So why wait? Fuel your workforce with exceptional coffee today!

Why A Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

Why settle for boring, old coffee when you can have an endless selection of specialty hot drinks at the touch of a button? Our Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machines offer a fully encompassing hot drink solution for your business, with barista-style coffee that requires little to no training or expertise.

Simply load with fresh coffee beans and milk (fresh or powdered depending on the model) to craft amazing lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, and more!

Plus, our Bean to Cup Machines are designed to be more user-friendly than traditional Commercial Coffee Machines, making them the most convenient solution for any environment without compromising quality.

Your supplies for the Office Bean to cup coffee machine

Get ready for a coffee experience like no other! Our commercial bean to cup coffee machine is top-notch, but we know that great products are the key to amazing coffee.

That's why we're proud to offer a range of Lavazza coffee beans, Millfresh Gold non-fat milk and Galaxy hot chocolate.

And for tea lovers, we've got you covered with Yorkshire Tea, PG Tips Tea, and Taylors specialty range.

Plus, all of our products are Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, and UTZ Certified. Drink up the perfect cup with us! Get ready to enjoy fresh and delicious coffee hassle-free! Our installation process is a breeze, as long as you have a mains water and electric 13amp socket within 1 meter of your intended location.

We're all about quality coffee, that's why we install Brita water filters to ensure fresh, clean tasting water – after all, 99% of your coffee is water! Our trained engineers take care of everything, setting up your office bean to cup coffee machine to the exact dosage for the coffee bean of your choice.

And the perks don't stop there! We visit every 6 months to service your machine and replace the Brita water filter for you, so you can concentrate on what really matters – enjoying your perfect cup of coffee.

Coffee lovers, listen up!

Have you ever wondered if you can use ground coffee in a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine? While most machines require whole coffee beans, we’ve got all the details on why.

Grinding the beans releases flavourful oils that are protected within the bean.

That’s why coffee always tastes better with freshly ground beans! Luckily, a Bean to Cup Commercial Coffee Machine grinds beans on demand, so every cup is packed with flavour. But if you prefer pre-ground beans, we recommend investing in a Flavia Coffee Machine. Even though the taste won’t be as incredible as with a Bean to Cup, it’s still a great option for using ground coffee. Get ready for the perfect cup of joe – no matter which option you choose!

Looking to keep your Bean to Cup Coffee Machine in tip-top shape? Good news – it's easier than you might think! With just a little bit of maintenance, your machine can produce a whole range of delicious specialty coffees and hot drinks. And while many modern machines come equipped with automatic cleaning and rinsing functions, you might still need to put in a bit of extra elbow grease depending on the make and model of your machine.

But don't worry – when you purchase or lease a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine from UK Vending, we'll provide you with all the training and guidance you need to keep your machine working like a dream. After all, we know that descaling is especially important for these machines, especially if you live in a hard water area.

But again, don't stress – we offer a range of cleaning products for Bean to Cup Machines and we're always on hand to offer advice and guidance whenever you need it. So go ahead and enjoy your delicious hot beverages – we've got you covered!

Get to know UK Vending

We're not your average vending machine supplier! With 55 years of experience and thousands of happy customers throughout the UK, we take pride in our family-owned (in its third generation) and operated business.

We're not just about traditional values though - we're all about combining them with 21st-century technology to give you the best vending experience possible.

And that's not all! Our UKV Aftersales team is always here to make things easy for you. With nation-wide coverage and a team of specialised trained service personnel, we'll install, service, and even fix your machine if needed! Our friendly experts at the UKV Help Desk are also here to offer you free advice and assistance.

Not to mention our network of qualified technicians who can even provide on-site support.

And if that's not enough, we'll send out one of our fully trained technicians to repair your machine in person. Trust us, with UK Vending on your side, you'll never have to worry about a thing!

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