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Keep hydrated this winter

Imagine the scene: a long hot summer’s day with temperatures rising into the high 90’s. Your first thought is probably your thirst thought as you keep yourself hydrated with cooling and satisfying water. Now imagine another idea, a cold winter’s day: your first thought is probably to just stay warm and out of the Arctic winds…well we at UKVending would like you think about your hydration because for six days from March 11, 2023, it is Nutrition and Hydration Week.

In common with most of the world, us Brits are, on the whole, not that good at getting enough water into our systems on a daily basis. We should drink around 2 litres of water everyday but most of us rarely even come close to that especially during the long, cold, dark winter months. In fact, if we all drank more water during the winter it could prevent a lot of the illnesses we catch at this time of year.

In winter we rely on centrally heated homes and are much more likely to come into contact with flu’s and colds that are transmitted through breathing. Drinking water, tea or coffee keeps us more hydrated and alert and give our bodies a fighting chance against these illnesses.

So perhaps you think that drinking cold water in winter is not for you; well we’ve has done some research into the matter. The Institute of Medicine has stated that we should be taking on board 20 percent of our water intake through fruits and vegetables…just think watermelons, cucumber, celery and berries are between 92-96 percent water and also delicious any time of the year. You can also add water indirectly via smoothies, coconut water and milk.

Seasonal soups are another delicious way to increase your water content and what about hot water? If you need cold water to cool you done in summer then why not use hot water to keep you warm and hydrated in the winter. If you think it is way too dull add sprigs of fresh mint, a squeeze of lemon or a slice of ginger to give it more of a zing?

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