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UKV Acis
Mains Water Cooler

This smart, stylish and economical water cooler provides your staff and visitors with chilled

'Point-of-use' water coolers and water dispensers are a convenient and cost effective way of providing a constant supply of fresh filtered water.

'Point-of-use' water dispensers provide chilled water to 5c

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ACIS Mains Water Cooler

If your workplace requires a continuous supply of fresh filtered water then one of UK Vending’s ACIS ‘point of use’ water dispensers could be the ideal choice of machine for you. Each of these economical smart machines has been designed to blend into your workplace with its clean, simple, yet elegant design. ‘Point of use’ water coolers and water dispensers are a convenient and, crucially, cost effective, way of providing a constant supply of water which is chilled to 5c.

UKVending’s team of engineers will install and test your machine as well as maintain it under an annual maintenance contract that includes two on site sanitisation visits, two filter changes as well as testing for the water quality.

The ACIS machines are a great option for smaller offices and workplaces that demand reliability along with the reassurance of regular maintenance from UK Vending.

Keeping your staff hydrated at work is important as it has been proven to enhance their efficiency at work, so perhaps now is the time to invest in an UKVending ACIS Mains Water Cooler or to hire one from us.

Give us a call on 01634 304444 and see how one of our ACIS Water Coolers could enhance your workplace.


The attractive ACIS 'point-of-use' water dispenser is the ideal choice for your workplace.


Price can include installation and fitting kits which include saddle tap for installing onto mains water, water block protection device and all fixings.


Annual maintenance contracts which include 2 on-site sanitization visits, 2 filter changes, water quality tests and the checking of all plumbing, fittings and wiring are available. Contact us for details.

Technical Details

  • 3.9 litre Cold Tank
  • Integral Cup Dispenser
  • Double Float Safety Mechanism with re-set
  • Free Standing H,W,D, 1030 x 340 x 353 mm
  • Table Top H,W,D, 562 x 340 x 353 mm
  • Weight 18 kg Floor Standing / 14kg Table Top
  • Auto temperature controller (cold 5°c - 10°c)
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