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UKV Diesis
Can and Bottle Vending Machine

Can vend almost all varieties of bottles and cans

Intuitive, user-friendly interface

Large graphical display

Maximum capacity of 500 cans or 250 bottles

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UKV Diesis Vending Machines

An innovative and complete solution for your workplace to dispense cans and bottles. It is a modern and attractive design complementing any workplace environment.

Robust & Capable

Built to cope with heavy duty use, the UKV Can Vending machines are perfect for the widest product range and display and suit any market.

Technical Details
  • Width: 750mm
  • Height: 1830mm
  • Depth: 781mm
  • Power Requirements: 230volts @ 50Hz
  • Weight: ca. 280KG
  • Absorbed Power: 740W
  • Energy Consumption: 297wH for each standby hour
  • Separate compartment for payment systems and electronics
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