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We've all wasted time explaining how our name is spelt to coffee shop employees. We've all had to fumble for change in a lengthy queue. We've all rushed back to the office, late for a meeting, clutching our beverage like it's the result of a death-defying act of national bravery.

Tea and coffee are a staple of the UK's diet, especially in the workplace. We all love a brew, and most of us find that having a steaming mug of our favourite drink on our desk helps us focus. In the last few years, however, shop-bought beverages have become increasingly expensive and difficult to order in overcrowded cafes and shops staffed by overworked baristas. Coffee machines are available to install in the office, but so many of them become more trouble than they're worth: they may only take one cup size, or may only serve coffee. They might take several minutes to brew or require a lot of maintenance.

UK Vending Ltd has decided to change that with the Flavia Barista Machine.

The Flavia Barista is simple to navigate, allowing you to choose your own cup size - from espresso to travel mug - and brews your drink in less than a minute. You can choose decaffeinated, ground coffee and herbal teas at the touch of a button. Unlike most other coffee machines, Flavia Barista allows you the same choice as you would expect from a shop, right down to sizes. It's not a well-known coffee chain expanding into the machine market, but we have used our 46 years of experience to ensure excellence.

You can take a much-needed break from your work to make yourself a drink, but you won't be away from your desk long enough to miss anything important - and you certainly won't have to rush back to the office in a hurry! The Flavia Barista is hygienic, easy to maintain and energy efficient.

It might not be as chatty as a human barista, and it might not be a coffee shop's home brand machine, but it definitely won't misspell your name or get your order wrong.


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Flavia Barista Coffee Machine

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Flavia Barista Coffee Macine - UK Vending LtdFlavia Barista Coffee Macine - UK Vending LtdFlavia Barista Coffee Macine - UK Vending LtdFlavia Barista Coffee Macine - UK Vending LtdFlavia Barista Coffee Macine - UK Vending LtdFlavia Barista Coffee Macine - UK Vending LtdFlavia Barista Coffee Macine - UK Vending Ltd

Technical Specifications

Weight:35.6kg out of box; 40kg boxed

Height:17" (432 mm)

Width:21.8" (554 mm)

Depth:20.6" (523 mm)

Power Supply:120V, 60Hz, 1550W, electrical cord length is 69"(1.7 m) long

Drink Volume per Cup:Small - 5.4 oz -160 ml

 Regular - 7oz - 205 ml

 Large - 9 oz -266 ml

 Over Ice - 3 oz - 90 ml

 Espresso - 1.35 oz - 40 ml

Machine Features:Stand-by timeout- 4 hours

 Water filter

 Drip tray- removable, dishwater safe

Certifications:ETL and cETL listed for commercial use; NAMA certified

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