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Klix 9oz Drinks

Nescafe Gold Blend
Klix Coffee Vending - Nescafé Gold Blend

A smooth-tasting medium roast coffee with a rich aroma.

Nescafe Cappuccino
Klix Coffee Vending - Cappuccino

Frothy, Italian-style coffee.

Nescafe Latte
Klix Coffee Vending - Latte

A light and milky coffee.

Galaxy Hot Chocolate
Klix Coffee Vending - Latte

Enjoy pure indulgence while at work with our exclusive Galaxy hot chocolate.

Klix Coffee

Kenco Smooth
Klix Coffee Vending - Kenco

Premium blend for superior smoothness

Nescafe Decaffeinated
Klix Coffee Vending - Klix Decaffeinated

All the flavour of Nescafé Gold Blend - but without the caffeine.

Klix Cafe Style Coffee

Maxwell House Cappuccino
Klix Coffee Vending - Maxwell House Cappuccino

Classic cappuccino with additional milky notes combined with a great balance of coffee.

Maxwell House Vanilla Latte
Klix Coffee Vending - Maxwell House Vanilla Latte

Indulgent and intense aroma of vanilla from a well-rounded, sweet taste.

Klix Mocha
Klix Coffee Vending - Mocha

A chocolatey coffee sensation.

Klix Chocolates

Klix Coffee Vending - Chocamento

Take a moment to enjoy a tasty chocolate indulgence drink.

Options Belgian Chocolate
Klix Coffee Vending - Belgian Chocolate

A chocolatey indulgence drink with just 34 calories per drink.

Klix Teas

PG Tips - the best loved tea brand in the UK and served the way it should be - a real tea bag and a special whitener formulated specifically for tea. Want something different from the norm? Then Lemon Tea is the answer. It fills an important gap between the refreshment of cold citrus drinks and the satisfaction of a hot drink.

PG Tips Tea Bag Tea
Klix Tea Vending - PG Tips Tea Bag Tea

PG Tips, made with plantation fresh tips, is 100% natural. We only use the top two leaves and a bud, known as the tips, for a great tasting cuppa! We all need a naturally refreshing PG moment!

Lipton Lemon Tea
Klix Tea Vending - Lipton Lemon Tea

The tangy, fresh taste of Lemon Tea provides a refreshing hot drink, and is a great source of hydration. One cup contains 53% of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamin C.

Klix Soups

Whether it's warding off winter blues or adding a little more variety to that lunchtime break, every KLIX should feature at least one 'warmer'.

KNORR Vegetable Soup with Croutons
Klix Warmers Vending - KNORR Vegetable Soup with Croutons

A rich vegetable soup.

KNORR Tomato Soup
Klix Warmers Vending - KNORR Tomato Soup

A thick, creamy tomato soup.

Cold Drinks

Demand for chilled drinks is rising and it's not just about changing tastes, it's about staying hydrated. From chilled water to invigorating energy drinks, KLIX has all the answers.

Lemon & Lime Flavoured Water
Klix Chillers Vending - Lemon & Lime Flavoured Water

A great tasting and thirst-quenching, flavoured water with fewer than 10 calories per drink.

Starburst Orange
Klix Chillers Vending - Starburst Orange

Orange juice drink made from real fruit juices.

Starburst Tropical
Klix Chillers Vending - Starburst Tropical

Tropical fruit juice drink made from passion fruit, pineapple and papaya.

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