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KLIX Outlook

Imagine a KLIX Outlook in your workplace. You choose the design and a menu of 16 drinks from the range of 25 available. Dressed the way you want it, stocked with the trusted brands your people love and all drinks made with BRITA filtered water.

Hot & Cold drinks machine
Choice of 16 drinks selections
Quality branded drinks and soups
Low maintenance drinks machine

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Everything about the KLIX Outlook machine is about you having control. KLIX ‘In Cup technology’ easily fits into any workplace and gives your staff exactly what they want: delicious hot coffee, flavoursome teas, rich chocolate and tasty soups. Over 25 different flavours are available from UK Vending to keep even the most fussy-drinker happy.

When it comes to keeping control you can decide whether or not your staff pay for the drinks, whether they’re subsidised or even free; it is that simply, you can control the cost and decide if you want to make a profit or not. You can tailor the machine to exactly match your individual needs.

The KLIX hot drinks machine will always produce great tasting consistent quality drinks. The in-built technology ensures that only the right amount of ingredients are in the cup that is then filled with pure, filtered hot water. The KLIX machine from UK Vending makes workplace drinks simply pure and easy.

To find out more call the UKVending sales team on 01634 304444

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