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Light and Smooth

Mild Roast

mild roast flavia coffee

A delicate easy drinking coffee, with a sweet finish to enjoy all day long. Delightful!

Smooth Roast

smooth roast flavia coffee

Smooth, well-rounded and wonderfully comfortable. A light roasted cup with a refreshing flavour, a real classic.

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Medium and Balanced


colombia flavia coffee

Our aromatic, 100% Colombian beans are roasted to give a balanced, fragrant experience.

Rich Roast

rich roast flavia coffee

A medium bodied coffee with a fruity and sweet flavour that will shine through. Full-on!

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Medium and Bright


bright flavia coffee

From Ethiopia, ALTERRA's beans are medium roasted to give a distinctive bright, fruity flavour.

Artisan Roast

Artisan Roast flavia coffee

Artisan Roast is a medium and bright blended coffee from Alterra Coffee Roasters

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Dark and Intense

Espresso Roast

espresso roast flavia coffee

A luscious blend of dark roasted beans, delivering a heavy bodied, bold and earthily flavoured cup.


sumatra flavia coffee

ALTERRA's 100% Sumatran Arabica beans are dark roasted to give a heavy bodied, complex cup with a bold finish.

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Flavoured and Decaffeinated


hazlenut flavia coffee

Enjoy a luxurious blend of medium roasted beans and the continental flavour of hazelnuts.

Smooth Roast Decaf

smooth roast decaf - flavia coffee

A light roasted cup, with a refreshing flavour, without the caffeine!

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Italian Roast

Italian Roast
italian roast flavia coffee

An assertive, dark roasted coffee with a hint of caramel and spices.

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alterra flavia coffee roasters
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