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Bean to cup choice of drinks

If you are considering a Bean to Cup solution for your office, please consider the following reasons why we believe FLAVIA is better when compared to Bean to Cup machines

Bean to cup choice of drinks


  • 10 different coffees, including 6 different roasts and blends
  • 3 single origins and decaffeinated 12 invigorating and refreshing teas, including 2 green teas and a herbal range
  • A variety of specialities, including a rich and creamy hot chocolate, cappuccino and latte
  • Plus, with the exclusive Flavia Fabulous Froth packs, you can create a personalised indulgent drink

BEAN TO CUP does not

  • A bean to cup machine does not provide something for everyone
  • At best a maximum of 2 different coffees will be provided at one time
  • Bean to cup machines do not provide tea.
  • Tea is important; 70% of the UK population drinks tea
  • Over 2 cups of tea are consumed for every cup of coffee
  • Bean to cup machines do not typically provide hot chocolate

Why is bean to cup coffee not as fresh as FLAVIA?

Coffee beans in a bean to cup machine are exposed to light, heat and air. The freshness and quality degrades over time.

The hopper can hold enough beans for 200 cups of coffee; if you provide 100 coffees a week, you could get a cup of coffee made with beans that have been exposed to light, heat and air for 2 weeks.

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