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Brita Water Filter

Whether in HoReCa or in the office, the BRITA water filter will enhance the flavor, aroma and appearance of all coffees including espresso and cappuccino. The filter can be used in almost any coffee machine and reduces limescale deposits. It is impressively simple and quick to operate and users also benefit from the added filter exchange signal.

The professional solution for pure coffee enjoyment

Coffee lovers know that the secret to great coffee is great beans. But what some may not know is that great coffee needs great water too. Water is the key ingredient in most coffee. No matter how amazing your beans are, if you're using sub-par water, your coffee will be worse for it. To get the best espresso, you need the best water.

Water and coffee

The average cup of coffee is roughly 98% water. The minerals, alkalinity, and hardness of the water impact the flavour of the coffee beans. Cafés and coffee aficionados at home need to control the water that goes into their cup. No matter the water source, all water gets filtered to meet safety regulations to be safe and healthy to drink. Filtration to remove harmful contaminants ensures that the water quality matches government standards. But as the drinking water travels through the pipes, it can pick up trace metals. These metals are not harmful, but they are noticeable to a sophisticated palate, making more alkaline water or hard water. Single-origin or high-class Arabica, a sophisticated barista, the best organic milk—none of it matters if the drinking water isn't cafe-quality for the perfect cup.

Using a water filter for better flavour

The biggest factors in water flavour are calcium and magnesium, though chlorine can play a factor in the flavour of drinking water as well. Water quality can vary based on location and environment. You might notice that your water tastes different if you move to a new region. With that in mind, the best way for a barista to take control of their water is by filtering it with the right BRITA water filter for your location. A water filter system can reduce contaminants that you want to eliminate from your water. Drinking water is healthy for consumption, but a filter can remove impurities provide greater flavour and a better coffee consumption experience. There's a delicate balance of minerals that leads to the best flavour from filtered water, and the best tasting coffee.

Using a water filter is better for your Flavia, bean to cup coffee machine and Water cooler

Water filtration can will improve taste, but it will also remove impurities or contaminants that can damage your coffee machine. Calcium, in particular, is worth filtering for as it leads to limescale build-up. Using a good filter and changing the cartridge on a regular basis will help save your Flavia coffee machine from the day-to-day limescale that can come from unfiltered water reducing dramatically your bean to cup coffee does not breakdown with scaled up bolier.

A BRITA filter effectively cleans the water of limescale, so your machine is always in top condition. But as well as protecting your machine from limescale, you also get the general benefits of a Brita filter, with the filter removing chlorine, metals and 99.99% of all bacteria from the water

Systematic filter technology

1. Pre-filtration - A pre-filter retains coarse particles.

2. Activated carbon filtration - To reduce elements negatively affecting taste and aroma, all the water is filtered through activated carbon.

3. Fine filtration 2 At the end of the filtration process a fleece retains any fine particles.

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