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Q. How long will my drinks stay fresh?

A.The FLAVIA Fresh pack is hermetically sealed from light and air to provide freshness in every drink. Each Fresh pack has a suggested "Use By" date on the reverse at the bottom. On average the Fresh Packs have a shelf life of 9 months.

Q. Are espresso and cappuccino available?

A. Yes. You can use the Flavia Creation 600 drinks station and any of the FLAVIA coffees to brew an espresso-style coffee, including d�caf�in�. Choose our wonderful Cappuccino/Latte Swirl with any of the FLAVIA coffees to create the perfect frothy cappuccino to suit your individual taste.

Q. Can I use drink products from other companies in my FLAVIA drinks station?

A. No. The unique FLAVIA FRESH RELEASE system only works because of the technology that has gone into producing each filterpack and the way the machine brews each drink. We can only guarantee this quality and freshness with FLAVIA Filterpacks.

Where can I find nutritional information?

A. Nutritional information can be found on the detail page of each drink under the Nutrional tab

Do you supply milk pots?

A. We supply MilicMaid Milk pots in a box of 120

Q. Are FLAVIA products Kosher certified?

All of the FLAVIA coffees and teas are Kosher certified. Our Chocolate and Dairy products are currently NOT suitable. Our C400, S350, S300, SB100, FUSION and Inno machines are suitable to vend those Kosher certified drinks. 2009 Kosher Certificate (305.7k)

Q. Can I order sweeteners, creamers or milk?

A.Yes we sell Flavia creamers which are available in the online store.

Q. Are FLAVIA drinks suitable for vegetarians?

A. Yes all of the FLAVIA drinks are suitable for vegetarians.

Q. Can I order biscuits?

A.Yes we supply biscuits

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