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12 April. What Happened Today ?

Today is Wednesday 12 April 2017; nothing really significant about it is there? Well hold on a minute. Here at UKVending we have discovered that today is the 60th anniversary of the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin strapping himself into a rocket and being blasted into space. That is clearly quite a significant achievement don’t you think. It got us thinking as well. Why do you never see astronauts drinking a refreshing carbonated drink in space? Yes you see them sucking drinks through a straw but these are always coffee’s, tea’s and fruit juices but never a carbonated drink, similar to those we supply to our customers for their vending machines.

Well according to NASA, there is a simple and medical reason for this seeming omission…isn’t there always and it has something to do with gravity. The same force that keeps our feet firmly attached to the ground beneath us is lacking in low earth orbit. This lack of what is called ‘buoyant force’ essentially means that there’s nothing pushing the gas bubbles up and out of the carbonated drinks in space. So all the carbon dioxide bubbles would, if drunk in space, stay inside the astronaut’s stomachs eventually becoming stagnant and very uncomfortable for the space travellers.

There might, however, be a solution and it comes from Australia. A company down under has developed a special drink called VOSTOK 4 Pines Stout Space Beer, which has been brewed to be low in carbonation. Oh those Australians they can’t be parted from their beers even in space.

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