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200 years of Cadbury’s

They’ve been a staple of vending machines up and down the country for decades and they’re likely to be among your favourite chocolate bars.

Picture this: it’s a rainy afternoon in Birmingham, England, circa 1824. A determined young man named John Cadbury opens a small grocer’s shop, selling tea, coffee, and drinking chocolate. Little did he know that this humble beginning would mark the birth of one of the world’s most beloved and iconic chocolate brands – Cadbury’s.

In the early years, Cadbury’s focused on selling cocoa and drinking chocolate, emphasizing quality and innovation. John’s commitment to providing a superior product led him to create a cocoa essence that would revolutionize the way people consumed chocolate. It was a pivotal moment in the company’s history, laying the foundation for the delectable treats that would follow.

Fast forward to 1861, when John Cadbury’s sons, Richard and George, took over the business. The Industrial Revolution was in full swing, and the Cadbury brothers embraced the technological advancements of the time. They introduced a cutting-edge cocoa press that allowed them to produce cocoa butter, resulting in a smoother and creamier chocolate.

However, it wasn’t until 1905 that Cadbury’s truly made waves in the confectionery world. Enter the iconic Dairy Milk bar. With its unique blend of milk and cocoa, Dairy Milk captured the hearts and taste buds of chocolate enthusiasts everywhere. This breakthrough marked the beginning of Cadbury’s dominance in the chocolate market.

As the brand continued to grow, it faced challenges like any other business. World War II brought rationing and limited resources, forcing Cadbury’s to adapt. Despite the hardships, the company managed to create a cocoa-based beverage for the troops, showcasing resilience and a commitment to bringing joy even in difficult times.

The 1960s and 1970s saw Cadbury’s expanding globally, introducing its delightful confections to new audiences. The company’s merger with Schweppes in 1969 further strengthened its position in the beverage industry. Over the years, Cadbury’s continued to innovate, introducing beloved classics like Flake, Wispa, and the Creme Egg.

However, the journey wasn’t always smooth. In the early 2000s, the brand faced controversy with the takeover by Kraft Foods. The move stirred emotions among loyal consumers, sparking debates about the preservation of Cadbury’s heritage. Despite the challenges, the brand’s resilience shone through, and it continued to create mouth-watering treats that stood the test of time.

In recent years, Cadbury’s commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing has taken center stage. The company has embraced initiatives to reduce its environmental impact and ensure fair treatment for cocoa farmers, signaling a shift toward a more socially responsible business model.

Today, Cadbury’s remains a household name, synonymous with indulgence and quality. The Cadbury World experience, opened in 1990 in Bournville, provides enthusiasts with an immersive journey into the brand’s history and chocolate-making process.

As we unwrap a Dairy Milk bar or savour the gooey goodness of a Creme Egg, we’re not just enjoying a sweet treat – we’re partaking in a rich and flavourful history that spans nearly two centuries. From the small grocer’s shop in Birmingham to becoming a global confectionery giant, Cadbury’s has woven itself into the fabric of our lives, creating moments of joy and sweetness that transcend time and borders. Cheers to the chocolaty legacy of Cadbury’s – a tale as rich and satisfying as its delectable creations.

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