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5 alternative uses of coffee


When your girlfriend or wife asks you to pass her the coffee don’t automatically expect it should be in a cup and steaming hot for she may want to remove the bags and dark circles from under her eyes. Yes, this is but one of a multitude of different uses we can put coffee to other than, of course, drinking it.

In much the same way as girls (generally speaking of course) use cucumber over tired eyes – some ground coffee with a little bit of water can reinvigorate tired looking skin around the eyes. Just remember to remove the coffee grounds before going out of the home!

Another everyday task coffee can be used for is, unbelievably, unblocking drains. Pour half a cup of used coffee grounds and hot water down a lightly blocked drain followed by some dishwashing detergent. His will remove minor blockages much cheaper than expensive un-blocker liquids – but will also give your drain a much more pleasant, nicer smell than before.

With Halloween just around the corner; you can create some scary – or should I say ghoulish – make up effects with coffee grounds. Ghoulishy dark eyes are a wonderful effect of rubbing some coffee grounds around your eyes, but not in them!

If your dog loves attracting fleas then coffee can help here too as coffee is a natural flea repellent – they simply can’t stand it. Whenever you wash your dog – rub some coffee grounds into your dogs fur just before rinsing.

Garlic lovers have a reputation for pungent breath after one or two cloves of the stuff – but coffee can help here too – gargle with some used coffee grounds and some warm water. This will take away the worst of the aroma and leave your breath smelling slightly of coffee, which let’s face it is a much nicer smell for the breath.


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