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5 interesting facts about the business of coffee

Here at UK Vending it goes without saying that we love a good coffee, and we pride ourselves on delivering the very best right to your workplace, school, or wherever you may be. Sometimes we ask ourselves probing-questions about what coffee is, what coffee means to people. Then we jump on the internet and find the answers to our questions, such as just how big is the global coffee business?

The average price of a cup of coffee in the US is $3.28.

Considering how much coffee Americans drink, we can conclude they spend a considerable amount of money on this beverage.

The annual coffee retail sales in the US are about $5.2 billion.

This piece of coffee industry statistics depicts consumer spending habits as well as the coffee market’s potential.

South America produced 81.5 million bags of coffee in 2018.

Considering that each bag weighs 60 kilograms, South America produced more than 5 million tons that year. This makes them the greatest coffee producer in the world.

Brazil exports 5.7 billion pounds of coffee every year.

This country is the largest coffee exporter in the world. Interestingly, Brazil produced about 80% of all the coffee in the world in the 1920s. Nowadays, according to the coffee stats, it supplies around a third of the world’s coffee.

Colombian mild Arabicas were the most expensive coffee per pound in 2017.

Arabica and Robusta are the most popular coffee varieties. Generally, Arabicas are more expensive than Robusta varieties.

In Finland, an average of 12 kg of coffee is consumed per person every year.

According to the statistics of coffee consumption by country, Finns are the world’s greatest coffee consumers. They are followed by Norway, Iceland, and Denmark. The US ranks 26th on this list.

About 110–120 million bags of coffee are produced in the world every year.

We already know that the largest coffee producer in the world is Brazil, according to coffee production statistics. What’s impressive is that it has held this position for over 150 years.

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