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5 things to dunk in your coffee


People dunk biscuits in tea; they dunk in milk too…but in coffee? Surely not!

Oh yes they do. Here at UKVending we have decided to compile a short, and not completely comprehensive list of what coffee drinkers might like to ‘dunk’ in their coffees from now on. You never know when you try some of our suggestions you might never go back to having your coffee without a little dunking.



An Italian treat: Biscotti is one of the most popular foods to dip in your coffee. What’s more being a double baked biscuit it is perfectly designed for dunking. You can go further than simply dunking the biscotti though, try adding some orange zest, nut and or melted chocolate onto it and you’ll never want to try anything else again.



Ask any Scot what is the best biscuit and they’ll tell you shortbread. This buttery and wonderfully rich treat comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and some varieties are even sold with the main purpose being to dunk in coffee and, er, tea too. Remember shortbread is all year round not just at Christmas.

Oatmeal Cookie


Oatmeal is good for you, so why not use oatmeal cookies. They are chewy, thick and ideal for soaking up the flavour of your favourite coffee. We particularly like it when we use oatmeal cookies with a nut flavoured coffee they go together wonderfully or maybe try cookies with raisins or even cinnamon.



If you can’t get your hands on shortbread, biscotti or oatmeal cookies but can find Kit Kat’s, (2 fingers or 4), you’ll find this chocolate and wafer confection is ideal for soaking up wondrous flavours. Remember to snap them first of course!

Almond Horn


Okay, this one is a bit left of centre but stay with us. An Almond Horn is usually rolled in almond fragments, lightly baked and sometimes even comes from the bakers with one end dipped in a thick, delicious layer of chocolate. Yummy: now imagine eating this treat as a dunker. You won’t be disappointed with the results.

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