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5 Things you need for your break room


So you’ve got your coffee, tea or hot chocolate and you want to enjoy its refreshing qualities: sadly standing outside next to the smokers from the office huddling under the canopy protecting from the rain. Surely there must be a better way to enjoy your precious beverage.

If your workplace has a break room does it wreak of desperation or has someone given it some thought about what would make the room the best place to enjoy a delicious drink? Around the country so many of our break rooms are depressing, dimly lit places that do not make you enjoy being there. Perhaps its management’s idea to get you back to your desk as quickly as possible, but if your boss is one who cares here at UKVending we have compiled a list of the pre-requisites for making the most of any break room.

Break rooms are an integral part of any workplace, and deserve a lot more attention than you’d think. Aside from simply providing a space where employees can decompress for a moment, a break room should be inviting and foster an environment where everyone can mix and mingle. If you’re in the process of designing (or redesigning) your company break room, consider these essential items.


  1. Comfortable Seating & Tables

The first thing you need is Comfortable seating and tables, after all who wants to sit on stiff chairs and wobbly furniture.

  1. Free Coffee

Okay, some workplaces charge you but if there is a chance to get free coffee it will improve productivity amongst your colleagues.

  1. TV

Even the most gossipy of gossips in your workplace will eventually run out of things to talk about so perhaps you might want to invest in a television for the break room. There are good reasons for investing in such technology. It is well known that television or perhaps a radio will provide a mental escape for people from the work. Just be aware of the volume.

  1. Drinks & Snacks

Get a drinks and snack vending machine from UKVending.

  1. Refrigerator & Microwave

If your colleagues prefer to bring in pack lunches from home, they need somewhere to keep chilled them so a fridge is very important. Likewise a microwave can be useful for heating food quickly and effectively.


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