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A new delicious taste of Mars Flavia Real Milk Forth Powder


It takes some searching but you may eventually find someone who doesn’t like a nice hot cappuccino. Around the world this coffee drink is one of the planet’s most popular drinks consumed on every continent, including the icy environment of Antarctica at the remote international research station. Needless to say here at UKVending we also enjoy drinking cappuccinos and with the launch in November of Mars Drinks’ latest New Flavia Real Milk Froth Powder we thought we’d take a look at what actually is a proper cappuccino.

Whilst many drinks claim to be a cappuccino, experts can tell a genuine one. For the purest it is an Italian drink traditionally made with double espresso and steamed milk foam, which is where the New Flavia Real Milk Froth Powder comes in. There is, however, some degree of latitude in what makes a proper cappuccino with some using cream and not milk, flavours such as cinnamon and chocolate powder. What is agreed on, however, is where the name originates.

The name comes from the Capuchin friars and refers not to their religious observances but to the colour of their habits, a traditional red-brown which matched the colour of the coffee when some milk was added to the mixture. In fact, it is believed that just one capuchin Friar, Marco d’Aviano was the inspiration for the beverage.  As the drink became more popular its reputation grew and when it reached Venice, the Viennese bestowed the name of Kapuziner on it in the 18th century. It remained an Italian drink until the 1930s when worldwide travel first started to be accessible. Travellers tasted the drink and loved it and took the knowledge of cappuccino back home. Since then this Italian coffee has spread around the world.

The new Flavia Real Milk Froth Powder from Mars Drinks replaces the Fabulous Froth Original/Mocha and will be available through UKVending from November. It contains just one ingredient, dried skimmed milk and only has 26 calories per serving. The new froth powder produces a delicious, smooth froth that is ideal when combined with indulgent lattes and cappuccinos. You won’t have to do anything different when selecting a cappuccino with your UKVending machine just exchange your old packs for the New Flavia Real Milk Froth Powder available through our website at www.ukvending.co.uk or by calling the sales team on 0800 454 301

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