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Are you a Picard or a Janeway?

Today is Star Trek Day. Yes, it really is a thing. Whether you’re a fan of the original 1960s series or the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise or any number of spin-off series that have come from the original idea from creator Gene Roddenberry.

One thing has remained true throughout all iterations of Star Trek, however, and that is that every Captain of a Star ship, be it USS Enterprise or USS Voyager has their preferred choice of beverage.

For Captain James Tiberus Kirk it was coffee, for Jean Luc Picard it was ‘Tea, Earl Grey Hot’. Commander Benjamin Sisko onboard the space station DS9 would ask for a Raktajino (a kind of Klingon coffee!) and for Captain Katherine Janeway it was decidedly always ‘Coffee, black and hot!’ And then there is Captain Jonathan Archer who has a preference for Ice-Tea flavoured with Passion Fruit.

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