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Barriers to becoming a good or an effective manager


There are many ways our thoughts, habits, prejudices or emotions can get in the way of becoming a good or an effective manager. We all hear or even say the old aphorism “This is not personal, it is only business”. Then we get right on with making it all personal. I know we each are human and it is difficult to leave our personal baggage outside the door when we get to work each day. However, at least if we take time to each  consider what gets in the way of us becoming a good or an effective manager, perhaps we can improve.Image

If, like me, you can find traits in the list below (and there are others) that are part of your personal baggage, then maybe it is not too late to consider how you can proceed towards betterment.

1. Letting winning get in the way of relationships you need

2. Dropping too many ideas on those who work for you

3. Dropping too few ideas on those who work for you

4. Being judgmental rather than helpful

5. Criticising people in public or behind their backs

6. Recognising that trainees will make mistakes and letting them learn from them

7. Making comments that indicate you disagree with everything that’s just been said

8. Showing off how smart you think you are

9. Saying anything in anger

10. Being negative

11. Keeping secret what others need to know

12. Not delegating

13. Failing to trust the staff you employed and/or trained

14. Not allowing your staff to grow

15. Not recognising the contributions others make

16. Claiming undeserved credit

17. Refusing to take responsibility for bad results

18. Being focused on the past

19. Favouring those who agree with you

20. Not apologising

21. Ignoring what others are saying or shutting them up

22. Being ungrateful

23. Shooting the messenger who brings bad news

24. Blaming others for everything

25. Insisting on sticking with your bad habits even after you’re aware of them

26. Bringing ‘personalities’ into discussions

27. Being emotional at work and in discussions

28. Being needlessly defensive and even territorial

There are many ways we can take down the barriers to becoming a good and an effective manager. We can all improve – it is not too late.


Martin Button – Managing Director

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