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BIN THE KETTLE – Invest in a Vending Machine

?We’ve all done it. We’ve all been huddled around the single elderly kettle in the works kitchen all trying to get it to boil quicker and to get our cup of coffee or tea in a hurry. We all probably don’t realise that there is a better, cheaper and ultimately safer way to get your beverages – by investing in a vending machine from UK Vending.

?Let me explain. Kettles are inherently dangerous, just think about it. They are using electricity, they have a lead to the wall socket and above all else they contain a mass of boiling water. This is why we tell our children to stay away from them. Don’t get me wrong under the correct conditions kettles are just fine, but in an office environment when people are busy and rushed mistakes and accidents happen and vending machines do away with this threat.

?Vending machines offer a wide variety of better options than a kettle. In the first instance vending machines are fast, no more waiting for the water to boil and then making your drinks – vending machines do it for you right there and then. From a company perspective it will increase efficiency amongst your workforce as there will be less time for chatting around in the kitchen and more time at their desks or workplaces. Unless your kitchen area is in a quiet location the sound of boiling water can be somewhat distracting, vending machines make very little noise.

?Steam is extremely hot and can lead to burns and scalding incidents all of which you want to avoid completely – vending machines not omit any steam of any kind, thereby increasing the safety of your office environment.

?The amount of water used in a kettle varies widely, some people under fill the kettle whilst others overfill it. This means that energy is used inefficiently – vending machines know exactly how much water to use for each size of cup of product saving you money on water and energy usage. The machine also provides you with made for purpose cups eliminating the need to keep a cupboard full of mugs and cups for the office and also doing away with the need for cleaning them up. I know that many office kitchens are full of unwashed and unclean cups and it leads to many disagreements in the work place – yet again vending machines offer a great solution.

?If your kettle goes wrong or gets a build up of lime scale you throw it away and buy another; but with a vending machine from UKVending you have no worries about such things as our team of engineers regularly visits to maintain them and resupply the machines with fresh and exciting choices of coffees, teas, chocolates and soups.

?So go on bin the kettle and invest in a safe, efficient, time saving vending machine from UK Vending.



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