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Coffee at the Qlympics

The Rio Olympics have produced many headlines for the sporting excellence, but they have also produced others and one in particular…the size of coffee cups in Brazil. One Canadian journalist probably as a joke posted a photo of his small cup of coffee alongside a standard sized pen. When compared to the size of cups in America and Canada the cup did indeed appear to be on the smallish size.What followed the Canadian journalist Scott Stinton’s blog post was quite frankly amazing. His comments about Brazilian coffee set off a tidal wave of patriotic fervour amongst Brazilian’s who, admittedly, know a thing or two about growing coffee as it is one of the nation’s principal exports as well as a huge internal consumer too. The Brazilian’s were appalled that someone from North America would criticise their national drink in such a global fashion. Perhaps the Brazilian’s were keen to dispel the accusation that they might be a little bit tight with the coffee and wanted to protect their interests but they need not have. It is a cultural thing about coffee in the two regions.

America and Canada are dominated by the coffee chains such as Costa’s and Starbucks with their own version of what coffee should taste like and how much each customer gets. In Brazil it’s a much more traditional affair and the taste of their coffee is stronger so you need less of it to get the same effect.

Scott Stinton accidentally, proverbially, sat down on an ant nest of criticism when he wanted a full sized tasty coffee. His blog post while reporting back on the 2016 Olympic Games attracted lots of comments including one from Tulio Pires Braganca who summed it up quite succinctly:“ it’s a cultural thing. Way better than that giants cups with terrible taste that are serve in North America.”

At UKVending we provide great tasting coffee’s from around the world and we serve them in good sized cups for your enjoyment and pleasure.

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