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Coffee World Records

Here at UKVending we love our tea, coffee, and hot chocolate, but some people around the world clearly love them more. We just had a look at some of the weird and wonderful things mentioned in the Guinness World Records when it comes to coffee and here are some of the best we discovered.

Largest Tiramisu

Appropriately enough in Italy on the 24th of May 2015 the record was broken for the world’s largest tiramisu. Weighing in at a massive 3,015 kg, it contained 625 kilograms of cream and over 750 litres of coffee (that’s 2142 cups)! After the record was awarded, spectators got to taste the edible spectacle.

Most Expensive Coffee Pod

Start-up company Medano Coffee Pte Ltd created the most expensive coffee pod. The pods, which cost 77.60 Singaporean dollars (£43.65 GBP) each, are made from the highest quality King Jantan peaberry coffee beans and 22-carat gold dust. This combination, they say, creates a flavour much richer than regular coffee. The pods are limited edition, and the proceeds are donated to charity.

Largest Coffee Cup Pyramid

It took 12 people 48 hours and 23,821 paper cups to create the world’s largest coffee cup pyramid. Assembled by hand in India, the team completed the structure on 26th September 2016.

Largest Transforming Human Image

United Arab Emirates artist P.A. Ibrahim Haji took 5,445 people and arranged them in such a way to draw a coffee pot pouring into a coffee cup when the participants moved.

Largest Cup of Coffee

Colombia is known for its coffee beans and appropriately enough when it came time to celebrate this association the city of Chinchina created the world’s largest coffee cup capable of holding a massive 22,739 litres. The city later went on to host the largest coffee tasting from the cup and two other similar ones where 1559 participants sipped samples.

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