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Coffees from Africa and Arabica

Starting at the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula in Yemen, ending in Zimbabwe in southern Africa, this journey incudes the highlands of Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and several less prominent origins.

Considered to be some of the world’s most distinctive coffees – spicy, Floral and bright citrus fruit notes, with a very good level of coffee acidity.


Coffee production in Burundi is carried out on a small holder scale, both cultivation and processing (wet method) and is mostly Organic. It gives the coffee a floral and bright acidity.


Coffee from these parts are among the world’s most varied and distinctive, notably the Yirgacheffe rank among the very finest.

Yirgacheffe is wet processed resulting in a less earthly, delicately complex, citrus and fragrant floral flavour.

Wheseas the flavours of the ‘wine and fruit’ toned acidity, derived predominantly by the dry processing method of the Harrar variety, allows the bean to absorb more of the fruit and develop a complexity sweeter edge. Also known as Harrar Mocha, it can share similar flavours to original Yemenesse Mocha, but typically lighter bodied.


The main growing area spans south from the slopes of 17,000 foot Mout Kenya almost to the capital Nairobi. Highly educated agricultural practice and meticulous quality control, make this Kenya one of the most developed coffee producing nation in the world.

Characteristically of the region, the coffee delivers a stimulating sweet fruit berry and wine toned acidity, with a medium weight body.

Kenya Peaberry Coffee

A rare form of coffee ‘peas’, complex and fruity. Normally within a ripening coffee cherry nestle two twin beans, but very occaisionally coffee develops to form a single round ‘pea’ which grows to fill the cherry – hence the term ‘Peaberry’.

These prized peas are considered to have a more developed flavor and special sleves are used to separate them from the rest of the crop. This Kenyan Peaberry is lightly roasted to preserve its piguant layered flavor with the balanced fruit acifity typical of the region, but also a noticeable citrus tone.


Small holder, village farms and mills produce a coffee with subtle citric qualities with interesting aromatics, mostly grown in the west of the country.


Mostly grown on the slopes of Mout Killmanjaro and Mout Menu near the Kenyan border. Sharp winy acidity typical of Africa and Arabia coffees. They tend to be medium to full-bodied.

Coffee from Africa and Arabica

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