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Coffees from Central America

Coffee Map South America

Coffee Map South America

Beans grown in Central America are a veriety of unique flavours and defined styles of coffee.

Costa Rica

These are very high grown coffee from area near the capital of San Jose in the central part of the county. The coffee grow here are clean and balanced, termed a ‘Classic Cup’, with a distinct nut to chocolate roasted flavours. Thus coffee has a fine sily flavor and a delicate complex taste. Perfect serve black, it’s full bodied enough to drink milky.


The mountains regions of Guatemala produce several of the world’s finest and most distinctive coffees. Guatemala Antigua and Frajianes , are coffees that combine complex nuance of smoke, flowers, spic, occasionally chocolate. Lighter in body and brighter in flavor are Coffees from the basin surrounding Lake Atitlan in south central Guatemala, decadently rich coffee, shimmering with notes of honey and chocolate. Softer Guatemala coffees from sea-facing slopes like Coban and Huehuetenango deliver often less powerful, but equally complexly nuanced profiles with fullish body and gentle, deep, rounded profile.


Due to a poorer coffee infrastructure Honduran coffee tends to be inconsistent quality to its neighbors and thus used as medium bodied commercial blend, rather than specialty.

A good quality crop provides an overall less acidic cup than other Central Americans, with distinct sweet caramel flavours in the cup.


One of the largest produces of organic coffee, Mexican coffee generally delivers a cup analogous to a good light while wine: lighter bodied with gentile.


These high grown beans, from the cloud covered forests of central Nicargua have a bigger bolder than most if this region. They are from small cooperatives, overseen by a central body that regulates the high quality of the plantations.

The coffee is considered a classic cup with great body, clean flavor and balance. When dark roasted has a well balance fruitiness with distinctive chocolate and warm nut tones.


Panama coffees are brightly toned with vivid floral aromatics and clean fruited notes.

Generally tend to display more complexity and distinctive character than coffees from neighbouring Costa Rica.

El Salvador

High grown coffee, rich and gorgeously fruity.

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