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How important your cup of coffee

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At UKVending we know just is to you. We know that it is perhaps the thing that gets you started in the day as well as keeping you alert and active throughout the day. We also know just how important coffee is to the world’s economy.

Coffee is the world’s second most important commodity that is traded around the globe, coming in after oil. Coffee plantations are found in over fifty countries around the planet and in 2009 production of coffee beans were estimated at over 130 million bags. In the last decade consumption globally of coffee has seen a massive spike so expect that figure to be much, much higher by the end of 2016.

The amount of coffee we as humans consume is breathtaking. The average American will drink approximately two or three cups a day that works out at over 400 million per day or 146,000,000,000 cups of coffee per year in the United States. Needless to say that most of those bags of coffee beans find their way to America to fuel their insatiable demand for the beverage.

Here in Europe the United Kingdom is high on the list of coffee consumers but we lag a bit behind the Finns and the Norwegians who top the list of world’s consumers per capita with 10kg of coffee consumed every year per person.

But it is not just the western world that has seen coffee consumption spike in recent years. The people who grow it have started to develop a taste for it too. In Brazil their passion for coffee has seen a year on year growth of up to 5 percent which means that they will soon outstrip America’s demand for coffee beans.

Coffee, like its larger rival for the top spot oil, is an essential part of global trade. Coffee fuels the economies of over fifty different nations around the globe, the majority being in less affluent corners of the world where conditions are hard for the growers. This is why at UKVending we support all efforts to ensure that the coffee we use in our vending machines is sourced from ethical growers who view the sustainability of the planet and the crop as vital. We also support their efforts to give the over 20million people involved in the industry worldwide fair wages, good conditions, education and hope.

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