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How about a nice cuppa?


Here at UKVending we, rather unsurprisingly, love a nice cuppa. It is a cheery way to the start the day and a bit of pep up when the working day has been grinding you down. A nice hot cuppa can make the world of difference to your day and new research seems to indicate that tea can have a noticeable and tangible effect on business relationships too.
Depending how old you are, you may recall visiting an elderly relative and the first thing that was done was that your grandparents, say, put on the kettle and brought out the tea making stuff. Once made you gathered around on comfy chairs and sofas and had a pleasant conversation. Crucially you relaxed and this is where the new research has found businesses could benefit from a little bit of tea time. Effective communication aided by tea, it’s so simple it’s brilliant.
The modern digital must have it done yesterday cutthroat world in which we live appears to have no time for slackers and generally we conform to the norm. We rush, we make mistakes; we lose the contract that we wanted to secure. The simple act of sitting down, talking and consuming a tasty beverage can make a difference. If you miss an open opportunity to communicate you miss a chance to be effective in business.
At UKVending we supply hundreds of clients with the very latest coffee and tea vending machines so there is no excuse to offer your colleagues, customers and suppliers a drink to say welcome, to say thank you, to explore potential business. Tea and other drinks have been an essential part of business for hundreds of years – it just seems we have forgotten the importance of them in the 21st Century.

Time to bring back time for tea we say.


So also says The Royal Voluntary Service who carried out the new research. The organisation recently asked British bosses to encourage their staff of the value of their tea breaks and asked them to talk amongst themselves more, to discuss problems and offer solutions. They called their piece of research #brewbreak.
The results were interesting.

More than a third of workers made tea or coffee for themselves but not for the rest of the workplace. Is this being selfish or are they simply work rich and time poor? You decide. Other results showed that some people intentionally made bad tasting tea and coffee so that they wouldn’t be asked by their colleagues to make it again. Not something you have to worry about with our range of modern and easy to use vending machines at UKVending!

Other findings from the study indicated the importance to staff morale of properly structured timed breaks that allowed interaction with their colleagues. These workers are apparently the most productive and effective individuals within most workplaces. The conclusion is that the social value of structured tea breaks is important. But why limit to just your workforce, include your guests in the process offer them tea and coffee’s and in so doing support British industry and revive a curiously British tradition that has been proven to be an effective, cheap, simple way of improving communication, improving productivity and is great for business.

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