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Japanese kasa jidōhanbaiki vending machines

Here at UK Vending we know a good vending machine when we see one. We are, after all, market leaders in the sale and rental of world class vending machines. Therefore we enjoy seeing what uses other countries around the world put their vending machines to. One of the most innovative countries is Japan.

Japanese umbrella vending machines, known as “kasa jidohanbaiki” in Japanese, are a common sight in Japan, especially in densely populated areas, train stations, and shopping districts. These machines offer a convenient solution for people caught in unexpected rain showers or those who forget to carry an umbrella.

Here are a few examples and details about Japanese umbrella vending machines:

Japanese umbrella vending machines typically have a tall and slim design with a clear display window that showcases the different umbrella options available. The machines are often brightly coloured and easily recognizable. They are equipped with an automated system that allows customers to select their desired umbrella and make a purchase.

These vending machines offer a range of umbrella types to cater to different needs. You can find standard foldable umbrellas, compact umbrellas, and even larger golf umbrellas. The umbrellas are usually made of lightweight materials and are designed to be easy to carry.

Japanese umbrella vending machines accept cash as well as electronic payment methods such as IC cards or mobile payment apps. The cost of an umbrella can vary but is typically reasonable and affordable, ranging from a few hundred yen to around 1,000 yen (approximately $3 to $10 USD).

Japanese umbrella vending machines are stocked regularly to ensure a constant supply of umbrellas. Vending machine operators monitor the weather conditions and adjust the inventory accordingly. In case of any issues, maintenance teams are responsible for servicing and repairing the machines.

Some umbrella vending machines in Japan also offer the option of renting an umbrella rather than purchasing one. This is particularly common at tourist attractions, where visitors may need an umbrella temporarily.

Japanese umbrella vending machines reflect the considerate and thoughtful culture of Japan. They provide a convenient service, ensuring that people caught in unexpected rain showers can easily access an umbrella and continue their activities without getting wet.

These umbrella vending machines have become an iconic part of Japanese urban life and are appreciated by both residents and visitors. They exemplify the efficiency and practicality of Japanese vending machine culture, where machines are available to provide useful items and services 24/7, reflecting the country’s commitment to customer convenience and satisfaction.

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