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If you’re anything like me you sometimes get annoyed when a bartender plonks a huge wedge of lemon in your drink without you asking for it; well it might be that the bartender is lending a hand at keeping you healthy. Yes, I know, I am one of those people who are always fishing out the offending slice of fruit from my water, cola or cocktails; in future, I might just leave it there because of the health benefits just one slice of lemon can bring.

So let’s assume you’ve just got yourself a glass of lovely cold fresh water from one of our UKVending machines – we all know that water is nature’s way of rehydrating us humans. In fact, water was here before us and we are actually made up of around 75 percent water – so it is the very best way to stay healthy. But did you know that by simply adding a single slice, not even a big fat slice, of lemon to your glass of water you can transform it into a super antioxidant drink? No, well let me explain some of the science bit for you.

Lemons, whilst bitter and sour to eat on their own, are packed full of a wonderful variety of minerals and vitamins. Some of these elements have also been found to be useful in fighting infections and even have properties that can help when patients are fighting the affects of cancer.

So let’s take a closer look at what makes up a lemon. They are full of Vitamin C long associated with fighting infections. Lemons are also loaded with potassium a substance known to assist with nerve and brain functions.

Citric Acid, sounds worse than it is: Citric Acid has been scientifically proven to detox your liver, one of the body’s hardest working organs. Livers in most humans, particularly those with poor diets, are overstrained and taxed by complex food stuffs. A dose of lemon with your water maximises the enzyme function and clears out your system.

Near to your liver is your stomach. Lemon has a similar affect on the stomach as well. It uses many of the same processes to flush through the stomach and remove the toxins and bad stuff that modern humans digest. Lemon has also got another superpower of sorts, and not to be too indelicate about it…it flushes you out and can reduce your susceptibility to conditions such as constipation. Lemon is also quite effective as a natural laxative and diuretic.

The smell of lemon. There is a reason why lemon is used in everything to brighten your lives from kitchen cleaning products to a tasty, if naughty, Lemon Meringue Cake. The scent of lemon is a mood enhancer. Scientific tests have shown that the smell of lemon lifts moods and reduces anxiety and depression. The same can be said when you swig a glass of UKVending water with a dash of lemon in it.

So far we’ve only looked at what a slice of lemon in your water can do on the inside. Wait till you see what it can do for the outside of your body too! Lemon’s Vitamin C is great for good skin and can visibly reduce blotchiness and blemishes. It is also great at reducing the social awkwardness associated with bad breath.

Finally, anyone, drinking water will probably know that it has zero calories – ideal for those on a diet or those unfortunate to have medical conditions such as diabetes. The addition of a wedge of lemon to your glass of water adds fibre to the water and will help those struggling with hunger pangs to win the battle against eating that forbidden treat.

Remember that the human body needs around 2 litres of water a day to function effectively – stay hydrated and add a little zest of lemon to your daily routine.


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