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Make your coffee taste better…in tulip shaped cups


It has long been known that the material you cups are made from makes the drink taste better. You only have to ask tea lovers whether their favourite drink has better flavour served in a bone china tea service or a disposable plastic cup. Well now it seems that the shape of our cups also has a significant part to play in our enjoyment of teas, coffees and other drinks.

Recently a new exhibition was established in Brazil that saw visitors drinking their favourite coffees from a variety of differently shaped cups. The result of the study conclusively proved that, by far, the most popular shape that enhanced the flavour of the drink was a flower shaped cup, such as a tulip shape.

Researchers said: “Drinking specialist coffees can potentially be a truly energising multi sensory experience which includes the cup as an essential element. Drinking should be carefully designed to optimise consumer experience.” Here at UK Vending we couldn’t agree more.

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