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We love innovation and we love KeepCups: what’s not to like when you can even personalise your own cup. They are also an extremely environmentally friendly way to drink your favourite cup of coffee or tea.

Each KeepCup is lightweight, durable and dishwasher proof and as they’re made from a single component they can easily be recycled.

UK Vending offers our customers KeepCup’s as part of our exciting range of coffee machines, coffees, teas, chocolates, soups and snacks. You can order these handy reusable 8oz cups that keep your contents hot but not your hands in three bright bold colours; blue Hermes, Pink Kanada and a classic black Diablo.




At UKVending we promote the use of KeepCups because we believe them to be superior to disposable cups in a number of ways. Not least because of their impact on the environment. Annually in the UK alone over 29 billion disposable cups are thrown away or the equivalent of 75 disposable cups for everyone in the country. Globally that figure rises to a staggering 500 billion disposable cups every single year all going to landfill. It is hard to visualise just how much plastic and paper material this is, but just imagine a line of 500 billion disposable cups encircling the planet, the cups placed back to back would reach around Earth 1,360 times!

To ensure that paper cups are safe to use they are coated with polyethylene, which means recycling the paper product is rarely done due to the cost. To make these paper cups around 4 billion trees are felled.

If you felt that Britain is using too many disposable cups spare a thought for the island of Taiwan where it’s handful of landfill sites are full to bursting with the 1.5 billion disposable cups the Taiwanese discard every single year!


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