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Seven of the most common myths about drinking coffee


Everyone has some and they’re only too pleased and eager to tell anyone who would listen. They will come up to you and tell you the ‘facts’ about coffee and what it does to the human body. Sadly their facts are more often than not myths or downright lies. Here are six of the most common myths you’re likely to hear about coffee:

1: Pregnant women shouldn’t drink coffee

Let’s face it if anyone needs a relaxing and soothing drink it is pregnant women. Yet this myth persists that caffeine will harm the unborn fetus. The current medical advice is to reduce your intake of coffee if you are pregnant to around 200 milligrams or about one coffee a day.

2: Coffee makes you feel stressed out

Feeling stressed out and frantic, then don’t automatically blame the amount of coffee you’ve drunk. Drinking coffee does not directly increase stress levels or make you feel anxious or nervous. Coffee is considered a natural stimulant which can have a relaxing effect on your mind. Coffee is not directly responsible for triggering stress but it blocks production of adenosine in the body which is a natural stress reliever.

3: Drinking coffee causes cancer.

Another myth is that cancerous growths can be generated after drinking too much coffee. Several research studies have been conducted over the years but the results show that there is no connection between regular coffee consumption and the development of cancer. In fact some studies found the complete opposite to be the case as coffee contains a cocktail of beneficial antioxidants which helps the body beat cancer. Some researchers even found that people who drink coffee daily are at a lower risk of getting cancer.

4: Coffee has no health benefits

Staying with a healthy lifestyle, there is a myth that coffee consumption has no health benefits at all. This is clearly not the case. Scientists around the world have concluded that whilst too much coffee is not advisable the powerful antioxidants within coffee have in fact proved to be beneficial to humans. The effects can be measured with improved heart function, fitting cancer, dementia, insomnia and improved levels of concentration.

5:Caffeine is addictive

Not true in most cases. In true medical terms anyone who says that they are addicted to caffeine is not a true addict. Researchers have shown that caffeine does not cause any kind of addiction. Alcohol or other drug addiction can have severe social and physical consequences but this is not the case with caffeine.

6: Coffee causes miscarriage, infertility and low birth weight

Another commonly held misconception about coffee is that it is a prime candidate for miscarriage, infertility and low birth weight. Several scientific studies have all concluded that there is limited evidence to support this assertion.

7: Drinking coffee may cause Osteoporosis

Coffee causes brittle bones or Osteoporosis, well actually no. A lack of calcium and vitamin D in your diet is far more likely to cause these symptoms, alongside a lack of physical activity and heavy smoking.

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