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The strangest things sold in vending machines

Vending machines are known for dispensing a variety of items, ranging from snacks and beverages to everyday essentials. However, there have been instances where vending machines have offered some truly bizarre and unexpected items. Here are a few examples of the strangest things ever sold in vending machines:

  1. Live Crabs: In some coastal cities in China, vending machines have been set up to dispense live crabs. Customers can select their desired crab, and the machine drops it into a compartment before being packaged for purchase. This unique vending machine caters to those looking for fresh seafood on the go.
  1. Gold Bars: In the United Arab Emirates, you can find vending machines that offer gold bars and coins. These machines use real-time gold prices to calculate the value of the gold, and customers can select the amount they want to purchase. It’s an unconventional way to invest in precious metals.
  1. Pizza: Believe it or not, there are vending machines that can cook and dispense fresh pizzas in a matter of minutes. These machines use pre-made pizza dough and add toppings and sauce before baking it to perfection. This innovative concept allows people to enjoy a hot pizza at any time, even when traditional pizza places are closed.
  1. Used Schoolgirl Panties: In certain areas of Japan, vending machines have been known to sell used schoolgirl panties. These machines cater to specific fetishes and are considered quite controversial. However, it’s important to note that such vending machines are not widespread and are not representative of the majority of vending machines in Japan.
  1. Bicycle Parts: In cities with a high number of cyclists, vending machines offering bicycle parts and accessories have become increasingly common. These machines dispense items like inner tubes, bike lights, locks, and even helmets. They provide a convenient solution for cyclists in need of emergency repairs or accessories while on the go.

While these examples showcase some of the more unusual vending machine offerings, it’s important to note that they are exceptions rather than the norm. Vending machines primarily focus on providing convenience and accessibility to everyday items.

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