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Today is world porridge day

You don’t have to be Scottish to enjoy the nutritious and filling benefits of a meal of porridge and what better excuse to use than knowing that today is World Porridge Day. Around the world today will see porridge fans celebrate the simple and nourishing meal.

Porridge has been a part of the national diet for thousands of years. So we thought we’d look back at some of the more unusual facts about this wonderful meal.

1. According to the OED, the word porridge, first seen in the 16th century, may be a variant of pottage or porray, both types of stew or broth. 

2. The story of Goldilocks, the bears and porridge was written by Poet Laureate Robert Southey. 

3. Traditionally, Scots porridge should be served in a wooden bowl and stirred with a wooden stick. 

4. Such a porridge stirrer is called a spurtle. The Golden Spurtle is the trophy for the annual World Porridge Making Championships in Carrbridge. 

5. The word “porriginous” has nothing to do with porridge. It means suffering from ringworm or dandruff.

6. “He receives comfort like cold porridge.” (Shakespeare, The Tempest). 

7. The use of the word porridge as UK slang for a prison sentence seems to date back only to 1950 and may refer to prison breakfasts.

8. When the prison comedy Porridge was released in the US, the name was changed to Doing Time. 

9. Research has shown that sexual activity among tropical snails increases if they are fed porridge. 

10. “The food that’s never let me down in life is porridge.” (Marianne Faithfull).

Here at UKVending we will also be doing our bit to celebrate World Porridge Day by offering you our delicious Mornflake Superfast Porridge Oats. You can order yours via our website.

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