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Wear your Poppy with pride this Remembrance Day

This year Remembrance Day will be slightly different and whole lot more environmentally friendly as the Royal British Legion Village in Aylesford in Kent will be manufacturing the iconic Red Poppy emblem partially out of recycled coffee cups.

The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal is one of the most well-known charity events in the UK, raising funds to support veterans and their families. In 2023, the Poppy Appeal is taking a new approach to sustainability by using recycled coffee cups in their fundraising efforts. This innovative idea is not only environmentally friendly but also sends an important message about the importance of waste reduction and sustainability.

The Poppy Appeal has partnered with Circular&Co, a UK-based company that specializes in creating sustainable products from recycled materials. Circular&Co has developed a unique process for turning used coffee cups into new products, including reusable cups and keyrings. The Poppy Appeal has decided to utilize this process to create new products that will help raise funds for veterans and their families.

Circular&Co’s process involves taking used coffee cups and breaking them down into a pulp. The pulp is then molded into new products using a process similar to the one used to make paper products. The resulting products are durable, reusable, and eco-friendly.

The Poppy Appeal is using this process to create a range of products, including reusable coffee cups, keyrings, and badges. These products will be sold at various locations throughout the UK, including supermarkets, train stations, and shopping centers. All profits from the sale of these products will go directly to the Poppy Appeal.

This new approach to sustainability is an important step for the Poppy Appeal and the charity sector as a whole. By using recycled materials, the Poppy Appeal is not only reducing waste but also sending a message about the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The use of recycled coffee cups also helps to raise awareness about the issue of coffee cup waste. In the UK alone, an estimated 7 million coffee cups are thrown away every day, many of which end up in landfills. By using recycled coffee cups in their fundraising efforts, the Poppy Appeal is helping to raise awareness about this issue and encouraging people to think about the environmental impact of their actions.

Overall, the use of recycled coffee cups in the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal is a significant step forward in the charity sector’s efforts towards sustainability. By partnering with Circular&Co and utilizing their innovative process, the Poppy Appeal is setting an example for other charities and organizations to follow. This initiative not only helps to raise funds for a worthy cause but also sends an important message about the importance of waste reduction and sustainability.

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