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What to do if your chosen domain name is not available

Domain Name
Unique, memorable and relevant domain names are becoming a rare find. It’s good news because it means more and more businesses are likely getting online and using the Web to promote their businesses. It’s not so good when you’re searching for a domain name to register for your new business, product or service and spend hours only to discover every option you can think of is taken. Here are some suggestions as to what to do if your chosen domain name is not available.

So, what can you do if the perfect domain name, or the perfect three, four or five domain names, are already taken? Here are a few of your options.

Get Creative

If the best possible domain name isn’t available, a creative alternative may be the next best thing. Try:

Adding a transition word such as “the” or “a”
Adding a generic word such as “company” or “service”
Using an abbreviation
Registering your slogan or a version of your slogan instead

Use a Different Top Level Domain

If your desired domain name with the .com extension isn’t available. Try searching for the same domain name with a different top level domain, such as .net, .info or .biz.??You can Backorder it.

You can research domain name ownership through the WHOIS Domain Research Service. Just enter in the domain name and the results will tell you when it was registered and when it’s due to expire. You can backorder the domain name through the registrar of your choice to give you a chance to grab it if the current owner opts not to renew.

Contact the Owner

If the domain name of choice is registered but not being actively used, you can also use the WHOIS tool to find out who owns it. If the registrant information is public (some domains are registered with privacy options that hides direct contact information), you can contact him or her directly to discuss the possibility of selling the domain name to you.

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