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Which Nation loves coffee the most

Italians love coffee…well duh! Well actually they don’t love it as much as some other nations around the globe do. In fact the Italians don’t even feature in the top ten consumers of coffee, something that we at UKVending find remarkable. So which nation is the number one?

Well let’s tease you with that little nugget of information for a little while longer. Eighty countries around the world were pitted against one another in the Euromonitor analysis and in third place in the world ranking of ‘coffeeholics’ [Ed: we’re not above making up words to make them fit the blog] chart is Canada. Yes, I know, it caught us a little by surprise that one. The affable Canadians quaffed an average of 152.1 litres of the stuff per person.

Canada were well ahead of Slovakia, neighbours the United States, Norway, the Dominican Republic, Slovenia, Germany, and Sweden bowling in with an average of 141.9 litres of coffee per head. Like the Italians us Brits didn’t even scrape into the top ten.

So who was in second place with an eye watering 184.9 litres per person, well it is those canny Finnish. Despite most of the country being forest and ice the country’s population seem to find warmth and comfort in a cup of coffee.

Okay, teasing over then. Who was crowned the world’s number one consumer of coffee in the Euromonitor survey? The Dutch. If you visit Rotterdam or Amsterdam or indeed any other of the country’s major cities and towns, you will find coffee houses everywhere on virtually every street corner and backstreet. This is why the country’s addiction to coffee is so strong with the survey reporting that the Dutch annually consume a staggering 260.4 litres of coffee. That is 75.5 litres more than their nearest rivals in Helsinki.


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