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Why hire a water cooler this summer


Why Hire a Water Cooler?
At UK Vending we have a great range of practical and unobtrusive water coolers for the workplace and even with our decidedly temperate climate they are useful additions. Water coolers can provide an unlimited source of freshly filtered drinking water as well as hot water for teas and coffees.
Health Benefits of a Water Cooler
Water is essential for maintaining optimal hydration levels and can help in improve productivity amongst your workforce particularly those working in air conditioned rooms which can have a drying effect. Providing water coolers in environments such as these is the quick, easy and affordable antidote that will leave your employees feeling refreshed and hydrated.

Selecting a Water Cooler
With so many different types and styles of water cooler available careful consideration of what your need is necessary. For spring water a bottled water cooler is the best option. However, if this is not a prime requirement then a mains fed water cooler will probably suffice.
The next consideration is whether or you require a water cooler that can provide a combination of cold, ambient and hot water or simply cold water alone. Finally give a thought to where the cooler will be located. Most modern machines boast stylish design and fit in virtually anywhere, but think about how the machine will be used to prevent it being in the way and that people don’t have to bend too far down to access it. Our range of Elite Water Coolers has something for every workplace.

Once you have your water cooler installed it is essential that you keep it sanitised, fungus free and scrupulously hygienic. Creating a maintenance schedule for the water cooler is an excellent idea. At a minimum water coolers need to be completely sanitised every quarter. The process is simple and only takes around thirty minutes to complete.
Price Plans
Don’t be misled when it comes to water cooler pricing. Some water companies offer low monthly costs but fail to include the quarterly sanitizations in the price plan and only offer them as an expensive add on.
Service and Support
UK Vending can provide additional water on a next day delivery ensuring that you are stocked up all year long. Our water cooler engineers provide monthly maintenance checks and we are only a phone call or email away should further assistance be required.

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