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Why tea can teach coffee a thing or two


It’s British through and through. Well, actually it isn’t, but we kind of took it under our wings and made it our own, after all for a nation that drank 874 million cups of tea in 2016, we still prefer all the things that go with tea. From the nice china cups, to the biscuits that we can dunk in it, right up to the tea cozy that keeps the pot warm whilst inside the tea leafs do their own magical transformation. So with the coffee usurper on the rise here at UKVending we thought it was time to sing the praises of the humble cup of tea and explain how tea can still teach coffee a thing or two and perhaps stop the decline in tea drinking that has seen it slide since 2010 by 19 percent.

  • There’s a reason they’re called teas maids…tea is a gentler way to wake up in the morning.
  • Tea can help you live a longer and more useful life. Women in their 70’s and 80’s a study found live longer if they’re drunk an average of two cups of tea day throughout their lives.
  • Willy Wonker himself couldn’t have devised more flavour combinations than tea has; there are fruity flavours like Lemon, peach, berry, then herbs like jasmine and peppermint, well you get the idea.
  • Tea contains bucket loads of antioxidants that keep us young and protect us from all the horrid things floating around in the atmosphere.
  • Tea has less caffeine in it than coffee does, so you can drink more of it and get more good stuff out of it too!
  • It’s very low on calories, unless you throw in some sugar and milk that is.
  • Dentist’s recommend it as a study from Newcastle University found that three cups a day can provide kids with the fluoride protection they need to prevent the onset on tooth decay
  • Your immune system is boosted every time you sup on a cup of tea as things called flavonoids are in the tea that stimulate the production of white blood cells that attack infections and remove decay from our blood.

All in all, eight reasons why tea can still kick coffee’s butt.

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