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Why you can’t resist that biscuit or sweet treat

Here at UKVending we love our sweet treats and biscuits and up and down the country vending machines are full of high calorie treats that we all just love, but have you ever wondered why you always go for the sweet rather than the healthy treats?

Researchers at Wageningen University in the Netherlands had this very same question when they set out to discover why it is. Their results appear to indicate that you might just have an excuse for diving into the biscuit tin.

We all seem to be able to find high-calorie food much easier than low calorie choices and it seems this is a throw back to our hunter-gather past when food was scarce and it made complete sense to stock up on high-calorie foodstuffs.

In their research Wageningen University took 512 participants and put them into a room with food, or food smells, at different pillars as they walked around. The high calorie foods included peanuts and chocolate, while the opposite contained such foods a cucumbers and apples.

When asked to locate where the different foods were on a map, 27 per cent correctly located the high-calorie foods more accurately than the healthy ones.

The authors of the research suggest it may explain why some people often find themselves heading towards the snack jar or vending machine or indeed to fast food outlets.

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