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You are what you drink so the story goes, but what does your choice of coffee reveal about your pers

Are you a black coffee person, or an espresso or do you take it decaf? Well most people don’t think too much about what their favourite drink is beyond that it tastes great and is satisfying; but researchers have gone one step further and have established some ideas about what your choice of coffee says about you to other people. Remember some of these things are generalised.

Surprisingly the research, although not entirely scientific, has some elements of truth about it. So let’s start with those who like their coffee straight up and no messing: Black coffee.

Black coffee

Black coffee drinkers can be antisocial and narcissistic. They like a bitter taste others find hard to stomach. But if you are a regular black coffee drinker, these are the traits of your personality.

Sweet and milky coffee

Those coffee drinkers who like their drink to be sweet and milky are perceived by others to be friendly and great in social situations. Conversely others see you as being stressed and that the sweet and milky coffee is a treat to compensate for some outside stimuli. Furthermore you might be seen as being in need of more attention within your social circle than a black coffee drinker.


You may have only travelled within your own town and never ventured further abroad than a cross channel ferry but Espresso drinkers are seen as well travelled with a refined taste, but sometimes are seen as pretentious. The bitter taste of an espresso is also thought to reflect a personality that is bold and sophisticated. 

Bit of milk and sugar

Unlike the sweet and very milky coffee drinkers those who chose to add just a touch of either into their coffees are thought of as well balanced people on track and in control of their lives.

Instant coffee

If you’re idea of a coffee is an instant one out of a machine in twenty seconds flat your personality type is that of one who thinks it’s too much effort to make a proper coffee. You’re perceived as being a tad lazy and also one liable to procrastinate over a decision and you’re likely to put off making your mind up until the very last minute.


Decaffer’s are thought of as the coffee world’s cautious folks; but also those who like to think they’re in control. They want the same benefits as full coffee drinkers but just want to take fewer risks and not feel the effects as much. Decaf drinkers do not like to take risks and prefer the safe path.

Flavored coffee

The world’s adventurers are those who experiment with caramel, hazelnut and mocha flavours. These drinkers are the risk takers and they will stand up and take a chance on something new every day rather than accept the same thing all the time. They like variety and are not scared of change.


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