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Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

UK Vending is a responsible supplier that takes every opportunity to reduce its impact on the environment.

We have in place a carbon footprint reduction policy with rigorous procedures that ensure we minimise carbon emissions from all vending products we supply as well as a robust in-house policy that ensures we and our staff are informed, environmentally active and socially responsible thus reducing the impact of all areas of our business on our world.

For a copy of our statement 'Why carbon reduction is vital to UK Vending Ltd' or to discuss how we tackle the problem of maintaining a successful business whilst ensuring we first do no harm, please call our help desk on 0800 454 301

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Recyling Flavia Packs

Recycling your paper cup


Every year, people in the UK drink millions of cups of coffee and tea from vending machines in the workplace. Normal paper cups, often used for hot drinks, contain an oil-based plastic lining which prevents them from being recycled. Finding a more environmentally friendly alternative has been a real challenge - but we overcame it! We are proud to introduce the UK's first eco-friendly hot drinks vending cup: The UK Vending Planet cup.

UK Vending Planet cup is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paper cups, which uses PLA, a bio-based plastic lining derived from corn which is fully compostable.

Composting - composting is the process of breaking down organic waste into compost which can be used to add nutrients back into the soil.

Using the 'Planet Cup' means you can now enjoy the same great tasting FLAVIA Fresh-ground Coffees and Real Leaf Teas, whilst doing your bit for the planet.

For comparisons on environmental impact of paper -v- polystyrene disposable cups why not...

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