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Our Carbon Footprint

UK Vending Limited is committed to conducting business in a way that minimises negative impacts upon the environment. To achieve this, we follow sound environmental strategies that are intended to benefit the environment, our stakeholders, and local communities. Our policy is to enable compliance with relevant legal requirements by achieving at least the minimum standards expected by law, and by exceeding these where it is of benefit to both the environment and our business objectives. We seek to achieve continuous improvement in our environmental performance, and we assess this through measurement and monitoring of the resources that we use.

Specifically we:

  1. Adopt systems and procedures that avoid the unnecessary use of raw materials.
  2. Where appropriate, use products that are recycled, or are obtained from suppliers that follow sound environmental and ethical principles.
  3. Monitor our energy and utility usage with a view to ensuring efficiency, and seek to set targets for reduction where this is practicable.
  4. Review the feasibility of using fuel and energy from renewable sources for our premises and our vehicles.
  5. Develop and follow a waste management strategy that aims to minimise waste produced, and adopt the principles of re-use and recycling where feasible.
  6. Periodically carry out "cradle to grave" audits of waste removed from our premises by non-local authority contractors, to ensure that all aspects of carriage and disposal are transacted responsibly and in accordance with the law.
  7. Closely review the methods of business travel by staff, and encourage the adoption of the best practicable means of travel, taking into account: the environmental impact, economic constraints, clients' requirements, and the comfort of the individual.
  8. Review the transport and vehicle arrangements to gain the best balance possible between minimising the environmental impact and needs of the business.
  9. Offer information and training to our staff in environmental awareness, to enable them to participate in improving our environmental objectives.
  10. Co-operate with clients who seek to develop their own environmental management systems.
  11. Encourage, promote and share examples of best practice.
  12. Carry out an annual review of the effectiveness of this policy at Board level to ensure that organisational and procedural arrangements to meet these objectives are suitable, sufficient and properly resourced. UK Vending under went Low Carbon Emmisssions Audit in March 2023.

Martin Button

Managing Director

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