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Flavia Zero Waste Box™

But what exactly is a Flavia Zero Waste box™ and why does your office or workspace need one?

Every workspace generates a great deal of waste products and this new system developed by TerraCycle® will improve your company’s environment impact by removing waste streams. Each Zero Waste solution is custom built for specific waste streams and adheres to strict environment and shipping regulations.

How does it work?

Flavia Zero Waste Box™ - TerraCycle
  • Firstly choose the size box you'd like to purchase.
  • When you receive your box fill it with your used Flavia Sachets.
  • Once full, schedule a collection to send your items back to TerraCycle® using the pre-paid UPS shipping label which is already affixed to your box.
  • Once received, your sachets will be safely recycled and all of the materials extracted.
Flavia TerraCycle

Large (upto 2000 Sachets)

380mm x 380mm x 1000mm
£198.34 + VAT

Medium (upto 1150 Sachets)

305mm x 305mm x 840mm
£129.12 + VAT

Small (upto 450 Sachets)

250mm x 250mm x 460mm
£99.90 + VAT


What happens to the sachet?

Drinks sachets recycling process: Plastics are first separated into flexibles and rigids, which require different types of equipment to process them. These materials are size-reduced (i.e. shredded or ground) to destroy any branding or trademarks, and then the particles go through a melting process through which they become a usable raw material for new product manufacturing. If necessary, material is blended with other plastics or additives to improve and stabilize its properties.

Depending on the material composition of the plastic, recycled materials are fit for use in a range of moulded product applications. These finished products are a result of different moulding techniques such as compression moulding (i.e. plastic lumber, composite decking, outdoor furniture, plastic shipping pallets), injection moulding (waste and recycling bins, dunnage containers, storage totes, small parts, etc.), blow moulding (i.e. bottles, tubes, films, watering cans, etc.) and other less common varieties.

Once organics have been separated from their packaging materials, it is bulked and sent for industrial composting where the material is paired with other food-based organic waste. This high-quality compost is then used for soil remediation and ends up in farms, nurseries, and other biological growth areas.

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