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UK Vending - History

"January 2010"
UKV invests significantly in itself and in the UK by expanding its highly trained work-force including the creation of further training opportunities in three of its departments including IT, Business Administration and Technical Services. The encouraging and ongoing positive market response to UKV means we have also had to add additional market support professionals to our Customer Services team. 2010 is going to an excellent year

"December 2009"
A truly excellent year proving once again that quality products and service can overcome recessionary times. For the 25th year in succession UK Vending Ltd has seen real growth in every aspect of its business and in every possible way growth can be measured whilst simultaneously reducing even further its carbon footprint and impact of business on the environment."

"February 2009"
UK Vending takes over the supply of Flavia drinks for Mars Fusion and SB100 Flavia machines at the request of Mars Drinks

"March 2008"
ISO9000 once again awarded for a superb quality performance by all parts of UK Vending Ltd

"March 2008"
- Investor in People accreditation once again awarded to UKV proving that we look after our staff as well as our customers

"December 2007"
- Mars Drinks awards UKV its highest status " Platinum Distributor"

"October 2007"
- ISO9000 quality standard recognises our quality delivery

"August 2007"
- UKV launches its own Corporate Social Responsibility website bringing total transparency to its trading ethics and demonstrating that fair trade means more to UKV than merely the source of its products

"July 2007"
- 25 years together - Mars Drinks recognises one of its most loyal customers – 25 years of working together to provide the finest hot drinks in the world

"March 2007"
- Expansion of UKV's Customer Experience delivery

"March 2003"
- Investor in People award once again comes to UKV

"November 2001"
- Opened the UKV purpose built national distribution centre and new Head Office in Rochester, Kent

"February 1995"
- First vending internet site launched – not just the first for UKV but the first vending internet site anywhere

"May 1995"
UKV is the first to supply bottled water coolers in the South East of England

In conjunction with Mars Drinks, UKV becomes the first in the South East to supply KLIX drinks and KLIX vending machines

"The success of our business is down to the easy, hassle free delivery, installation, maintenance and after sales service we provide"

Founded in 1969 by John Button, UK Vending Ltd proudly remains a family owned and managed business.

From the humble beginnings of a business run from home some forty years ago, today UK Vending Ltd occupies its own purpose built, prestigious premises between Rochester and Maidstone in Kent. Overlooking the M2 motorway it is perfectly placed for its national distribution to customers as widely spread as the Scilly Isles to the Shetlands.

Mars Drinks UK Ltd recognised in 2007 a unique commitment to its products by UK Vending. For 26 years UK Vending has uniquely refused all offers to include hot drinks products from other suppliers. Why? Because it firmly believes that the Mars 'Flavia' and 'KLIX' ranges offer the very best value for money, the finest products and by far, the most reliable. That faith, founded on 26 years of detailed history, was recognised by a ceremony of recognition and the award of the prestigious Platinum Distributor badge from Mars Drinks UK Ltd.

Martin Button, son of John, came into his fathers business in 1985 from an IT development background. In 1995 UK Vending became the first vending company in Britain to have its own website. Since then, UK Vending has stayed streets ahead of other vending companies with its ongoing and imaginative use of IT in general and the internet in particular - to the benefit of its customers who, from anywhere in the world and at any time, can check up on almost every aspect of their UK Vending ordering and accounts.

In 1995, Martin also expanded the business into the supply of water. Point of use plumbed in water machines are now taking over from the bottled water supply but UK vending Ltd remains a massive supplier of water and POUs throughout London and the south-east and its expansion in the national water market over the next few years is likely to be considerable.

UK Vending continues to expand its range of responsibly sourced products. It takes great pride in the care of the environment it practises throughout the business. Its care of the environment is perhaps only rivalled by its investment in its staff. Corporate Social Responsibility became a buzz-line in business some ten or so years ago but UK Vending was practising CSR back in the days when it would have been called "being a great employer" or "being a good neighbour". Old fashioned family values and a commitment to service means that UK Vending enjoys the patronage of customers that have been with us for 35 years. Why would they do that? Perhaps because, like our loyalty to Mars products, if you cannot find better, no matter how much you try, you have to stay with the best there is.

John Button famously commented at a corporate event, "We are now the leading vending company in the UK", and the success of our business is down to the easy hassle free delivery, installation, maintenance and after sales service we provide. With everything else that could be said about our business maybe Johns summary is the most apposite because it does not describe us, it describes far more importantly, what we offer our customers: a reliable, hassle free service.


One of the first significant businesses in Kent to receive this award, UK Vending Ltd accepted the Investor in People badge as appropriate recognition for forty years of investing in the greatest asset of this or any company: the people who work within it.

A business can only ever be as good as its staff. Each facet of the business is manifested by the people that work within it and the experience of our customers will always be based upon their interaction with our staff. Consequently, for forty years we have built our business upon the strengths of the people that work with us and we have invested in ongoing training to add to those strengths. Corporate Social Responsibility for UK Vending is not limited to what we do outside of the business; it also means investing in our people. They each repay our commitment to them by their commitment to our customers.

As a snapshot: in 2008 we invested in the training of two apprentice engineers; we paid for junior staff driving lessons; we instituted a lengthy programme of management skills training for our young managers; senior management went back to school to increase their knowledge base; twelve new NVQs were begun; across the board a variety of new IT skills were formally taught to match our investment in big-ticket software. Most importantly, all our staff continued their customer care development programme ensuring that just as some of our customers have remained loyal to us for 35 years and many for more than 20, our new customers will also enjoy and appreciate the experience of working with UK Vending Ltd and its most excellent workforce.

BLOCKHEAD vending machine

Art meets practicality at the Tate Modern when vending (courtesy of UK Vending) becomes part of artistic expression.

Viewers walk into this astonishing sculpture to be confronted by a bank of vending machines selling sticks of black rock with the integral legend 'Blockhead'. These carefully adapted Polyvend Snack machines are provided and adapted by UK Vending Ltd.

We were approached by Tate modern and requested to find a way to vend the 'Blockhead' rock. Our technical team quickly sourced, adapted and installed the machines allowing visitors to the sculpture swift access and unique opportunity to acquire a souvenir of an unforgettable visit and give a little more income to support Art in the UK.

Visit Tate Modern - Paul Mccarthy
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