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Vending for Schools, Colleges and Universities

We can help your school establish a healthier, effective and profitable vending service to promote balance and variety in the food and drinks offered.

Vending is only worthwhile if the right products, attractively packaged & reasonably priced, are well displayed in a clean, modern, chilled cabinet.

If you want children in your school to buy healthy snacks from the school and not fill up at the chip shop or with crisps and chocolate on their way to school then let us help you tempt them.

It really is time to empower your school's healthy nutritional programme by ensuring that the snacks and drinks provided throughout the school not only meet all the standards required but are attractive, tasty products that are well priced and likely to increase sales and revenue for the school.

You know more about teaching than vending - of that we have no doubt.

So why not let us bring our vending expertise to bear on your behalf?

If that makes sense then please call us

This Healthier Vending guidance can help your secondary school establish a healthier, effective and profitable vending service to promote balance and variety in the food and drinks offered.

We offer special terms for Schools where the machine are rental per term. No rent to pay over the holdiays.

Implementing healthier vending:

  • Can encourage healthier eating habits
  • Extends existing food provision throughout the school day, e.g. breakfast, break time, lunch and after school
  • Increases the variety of food and drinks available
  • Offers a 'grab and go' opportunity to busy pupils and staff
  • Reduces queues at peak periods, e.g. lunch time service
  • Helps keep pupils on site during the day
  • May generate income for the school

What is healthier vending?

Many schools have vending machines and, although vending may have been criticised in the past, there is no reason why they cannot provide a range of food and drink that is in line with healthier eating and is supportive of a whole school approach. Healthier vending may help generate income for your school.

Vending should not be looked at in isolation, but as part of the planning for the whole school food service. The vending service should reflect the objectives of your Whole School Food Policy.

What can be vended ?

  • Fresh fruit, prepared fruit salads and dried fruits
  • Filled rolls, sandwiches and baguettes
  • Fruit or cheese scones
  • Salads
  • Pasta
  • Breakfast cereals, with semi skimmed milk
  • Yogurts, fromage frais
  • Pizza slices (with thick bases and less cheese)
  • Semi skimmed milk (plain or flavoured)
  • Mineral and Flavored Waters
  • Fruit juices and drinking yogurts
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