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Q. My Flavia Creation 400 and Flavia 500 coffee machine is displaying error code: 321/328/360

1) Turn off the mains power to the machine (this can be achieved by the large black switch on the back of the machine or by switching off the mains)

2) Grip the sachet door firmly at the bottom and give a sharp tug and the door assembly should come free of the machine (you may wish to brace against the machine as it can be quite difficult to remove).

3) Check the cavity where the door is usually housed and you may be able to see a sachet or other obstruction, just push this back along the runner in to the waste bin.

4) Cleaning the inside of this cavity can also assist in reducing the number of sachet jams.

5) Turn the power back on to the machine. This will reset the mechanism, and release any sachets that are jammed.

6) Replace door relatively straight and the top should sit flush with the bottom sticking out slightly; a short push to the bottom of the door should click it back into place. Error Code 328 on Flavia 400

Error code 371 That usually means there is something clogged in the injector pin and water is not able to flow.
Try this fix before calling our service department.

Error code 309 “BUTTON STUCK DOWN” Press all selection buttons to check movement.

Error Code 341 Flavia 600 Cup stand issue The cup height sensors are dirty or blocked - Remove cup stand to clean.

Q. Whats UK Vending's service department telephone number?

A.01634 304444.

Q. My Flavia Fusion brewer is not working. What should I do?

A. During transit the Float Switch Assembly and Float Stopper may come loose inside the water reservoir. It can easily be slotted back in to place. Click to see a detailed PDF.

In some cases we look to an external funder to capitalise the agreement if it means we can thus offer you an even better service.

Fusion Float Guide >>

Q. My Flavia Creation 400 or Flavia 500 has a pack jam, what do I do?

A.The Filter pack is jammed in Handling Mech, remove front door, switch flavia machine off and wait 20 seconds before switching back on. The Flavia machine will go through the start up cycle and reject the satchet.

Q. Manual for Flavia Creation 600

A.Download the PDF Flavia Creation 600 Manual and operation Guide,

Flavia Creation 500 Manual >>

Q. Manual for Flavia Creation 500

A.Download the PDF Flavia Creation 500 Manual and operation Guide,

Flavia Creation 500 Manual >>

Q. How do I clean my Flavia Creation 400

A.Download the PDF Flavia Creation 400 Cleaning Guide,

Flavia Creation 400 Cleaning Guide >>
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