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Flavia 600 Coffee Machine

Flavia 600 and the Environment

The Lavazza coffee company and UK Vending are committed to have as little impact on the environment as possible. We also looking at way to reduce our impact further.

From the sustainable sourcing of raw materials to dedicated operations thats reduce the impact on people and our planet.

  • Sourcing coffee beans Lavazza provides advice and training on sustainable growing practices
  • Lavazza is committed improving the income and qaulity of lifew for coffee and tea growing communities aroubnd the world
  • Lavazza partners with the World Coffee Research and Ethical Tea Partnership
  • Lavazza Foundation : Founded in 2004, the foundation helps coffee producers and thier famillies around the world to improve thew yield and quality of thier products
  • Coffee Defenders

The Flavia 600 is built for energy efficiency

  • Low energy modes and twin tank bolier systems.
  • Heating just enough wateer at precisely the right temperture
  • Avoiding unncessary heating of water before it's required
  • 14% less energy vs. standard kettle usage

Flavia Zero Waste Box

To help create more sustainable workplaces, discarded Filter packs can be recycled with TerraCycle, providing a second life to used Flavia filter packs. More information

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