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New Alterra Fabulous Froth

Introducing Flavia Fabulous Froths

June 2014 will see the arrival of our new Flavia Fabulous Froths branded speciality range of drinks - a delicious treat for the working day! Helping you to create authentic speciality, coffee-shop style beverages without leaving the workplace.

What's changing?

Fabulous Froth Original and Mars Fabulous Froth will replace our existing Cappuccino / Latte Swirl (F318) and Mars Swirl (F352) respectively. Consumer testing on the existing recipe for Cappuccino / Latte Swirl confirmed that no recipe change was required! So these drinks are simply getting a makeover with a new name and packaging.

Old Code
Old Description
New Code
New Description
Cappuccino/Latte Swirl
Fabulous Froth Original
Mars Swirl
Mars Fabulous Froth
Fabulous Froth Mocha
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